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About me

So who’s behind the driver’s seat here, anyway?

Hi, I’m Kathy.  I’m born ‘n raised in New England and still live here with my partner, E.  She’s in grad school & working so I’m working and cooking.  Eventually I’ll do the grad school thing, too.  Probably in library science with a focus on computer systems or digital repositories or some such.

Why should you listen to me when I talk about cooking or food?  I’ve got no professional credentials, so no restaurant buzz here.  I do cook an awful lot and have been mocked by E. for gushing about overtones of this and subtle nuances of that.  Much of my family spends quality time in the kitchen or did at one point.  Babci (Polish for grandmother) taught me how to make pierogi and blueberry jam.  She doesn’t really get why I put lentils and mushrooms into my golumpki instead of ground beef, but is happy that some traditions continue.  My mother, father, aunt, and sister are all fans of puttering in the kitchen and served to spur me in my culinary experiments.

At home (the Loft–a teeny not-quite 500 sq. ft. 3rd floor apartment in an old farmhouse), I cook vegetarian.  E’s been veggie for years and years and cooking for two can be hard enough without having to add a bit o’ chicken or fish on the side.  (It’s the fish I miss the most–we ate it with relative frequency since I grew up ’bout 20 minutes from the coast.  And my family tended to keep to the whole Roman Catholic no meat on Fridays even when it wasn’t Lent.)  I still eat meat when we eat out or when I visit my family.

What else?  E. & I have four rabbits (crazy, yes).  Three are rescues and one was sorta dumped on us.  But she was so lovable we kept her.  One of the three rescues was adopted for her benefit, since the original pair didn’t play nice.

Dutch with an attitude


Florida white & lionhead


Lovable lop


Blue silver marten


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  1. nic010205 permalink
    January 6, 2010 11:07 pm

    What kind of rabbits do you have? I have a male mini rex and a female netherland drawf. There are a bunch of pictures of them on my blog. rabbits are amazing pets!


    • libolibri permalink*
      January 7, 2010 8:58 am

      Rabbits are great pets! The original bunny is Switch, a dutch, who E. had before I met her. She got Jack, a florida white/lion’s mane mix to keep her company. Then we had Rusty, a rust and cream lop, foisted on us. She stole our hearts with her clumsy antics so we couldn’t put her up for adoption. We tried to bond her with Switch & Jack, but Switch is, well, stubborn doesn’t begin to cover it. So we adopted Silver, a blue silver marten, to be Rusty’s pal. They’re almost fully bonded.

      I’ll try to get some pictures up here soon. I’d love the link for your blog to see your buns!

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