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If you can’t stand the heat . . .

June 14, 2010

May surprised us with an early sultry summer.  We had hot, humid weather that kept me out of the kitchen and forced us to rev up our air conditioners early to keep the bunnies from roasting (poor burrowing critters–attic apartments are hard on them in the summer).

Luckily it seemed to be a fluke because we had several days of rain and now the temperature isn’t supposed to top 80°F for most of the week.

So I’m back in the kitchen!

Yesterday I made cherry brandy sugar cookies, using half the dough for an impromptu peach tart:

(sorry, no tart pictures–maybe later)

I also made the wheat berry salad with apples and mint from the Whole Grains Cookbook.  Delicious, once you throw all the ingredients together–it really needs the toasted hazelnuts to pull it all together.  It’s also a very chewy sort of dish; your jaw gets one heck of a workout.  Pair it with something soft or crisp.  A dollop of yogurt would be tasty!

Dinner last night was white bean and swiss chard stuffed calzones.  I was hoping to make a garlic scape pesto (with walnuts or almonds instead of the pine nuts) to top it off, but I was exhausted from trying to cram two days worth of weekend into one day.  Maybe tonight (yeah, right!)

Since I don’t have today off (filling in while a coworker’s on vacation), I’ve only got a few things on the proverbial burner (haha): sourdough English muffins and stuffed poblano peppers.

The sponge for the English muffins (recipe at The Fresh Loaf):

You can see how fantastically I’ve followed my post-Michael Pollan resolutions . . . *sigh* Well, I am out of sugar now (thanks to those sugar cookies), so I’m using honey instead.  And my starter is still rye!  But, yes, I am using a white flour (unbleached King Arthur bread flour, but still white wheat flour).  It’s a journey, I suppose.

Stuffed pepper ingredients:

Only the garlic scapes are volunteers from the formerly farmed field (i.e. garden produce).  Later in the summer I hope to have my own peppers stuffed full of beans and rice and bubbling with a cheesy top.

I’m winging the stuffed peppers, which I find sad since I had a wonderful recipe I’d used, once upon a time.  I’ve lost the link now, and didn’t copy it down anywhere that I can find (oh, myriad stack of notebooks, scribbled with recipes and shopping lists . . . ).  It was on a food blog, they were mildly spicy peppers (serrano or poblano) stuffed with rice and beans and topped with cheese, and the writer/cook used leftover filling for burritos & froze the leftovers.  I suppose that doesn’t really narrow it down, since 20 minutes with Google search yielded every stuffed pepper recipe besides the one I wanted.  Ah well.

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