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Garden Greens

April 28, 2010

The warm and rapid spring encouraged our green out of their shells early–except for the peas!  They’re half the size I would have expected by this time, compared with the last two years.  I think the wave of 80°F weather the week after we planted confused them. I also think the birds made off with quite a few of the seeds . . . .

Regardless, we’ve got lovely beginnings for everything else we direct seeded or over-wintered (okay, just the strawberries) that did survive the birds and unseasonably hot weather.

strawberry blossoms:

freckled lettuce:

mesclun lettuce mix:

brussels sprouts:

volunteer garlic (weird fact: we’ve never grown garlic, but this guy is definitely garlic–I’ve tasted the greens):

bok choi (and flea beetle menace):



Everything’s probably three times bigger now, and we’ve got more things sprouting (broccoli, beets, radishes–ready to eat, nearly–shallots) so I’ll have some more pictures soon.

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