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March 18, 2010

“Nothing is so beautiful as spring–
When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush ”
-Gerard Manley Hopkins, “Spring”

The weather is coming out of its end of winter slump.  Temperatures are in the 60s F during the day, the ground is fully thawed, daffodil and crocus shoots are parting the soil and over-wintered leaves, and, as Hopkins points out, weeds are proliferating.

The garden, though has been raked and turned, though it still needs hoeing.

On March 15, I started leeks, sweet and hot peppers, and one kind of eggplant.

Makeshift mini greenhouse

They’re sitting on the windowsill, the peppers and eggplants closed into a plastic catering tray in the hopes of bringing them to germination.  I haven’t has superb luck with these hot-weather plants yet.  The past two years, I’ve ended up buying starts from the farmer’s market, which I’m happy to support, but there’s a certain satisfaction in growing your own vegetables from seed (it’s also more economical).  If I’m really ambitious this year, I’ll try to save the seeds from the heirloom varieties I’ve got.

This weekend, I’ll sow peas, some of the brassicas, radishes, and salad greens directly into the garden.  And if I remember to buy seeds, carrots and beets, too.

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