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January in review

February 3, 2010

Perhaps I should have done this musing on the first of February or the thirty-first of January, but my weekends, even my abnormal Sunday/Monday weekend, don’t lend themselves to introspection.

How have I been doing on my resolutions?  How has the blogging and fooding been coming along?

Writing recipes: I have recorded more recipes in one month than I previously had in a lifetime.  Score.

Organizing recipes: not so much.  I’ve noted a few places where I’ve cribbed recipes and ideas, but haven’t done much to catalog them. Hm. Needs improvement.

Bread on Mondays: comme ci comme ça.  An admirable start, at least.  Certainly hasn’t happened every Monday, though I don’t mind if it happens on days other than Mondays.  I have, sadly, bought bread on several occasions.  From Big Y.  Bad foodie, bad!

Cheese: yeeeaah . . . not happening yet.  I did think about it, though!  And I’m really leaning towards paneer as my first cheese.  Despite my recent post on my not-Indian food.

Kitchen gadgets: pretty good, pretty good.  I use the pizza stone for all my bread recipes and for pizza.  The rice cooker comes in handy–and more than I’ve posted, too.  The mini food processor has simplified several tasty processes.  Win.

Gardening: Well, I’m not supposed to do more in January than think about the garden, so this past weekend I started planning.  I’ll soon post a list of tasty little veggies and herbs I want to grow and possibly a chart or graph or some such of the garden and the planting rotation.

Overall?  I feel good about this month.  What about you?

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